As a recognized supplier, we provide the highest quality of products and services offered, including applicable standards, quality and safety standards, flexibility in implementation and technical support. The distinguishing feature of SYNERTE is experience. The team of experts consists of engineers, project managers, assembly managers and professional assembly workers who are responsible for the implementation of projects on time, quality and budget.

Quality and standards of implementation

We ensure the highest quality of our services in accordance of the applicable standards, quality and safety rules. Individual approach to each task is our attribute. Before starting work, we carry out a verification of customer needs in order to optimally adjust our offer. We approach even the most complicated issues professionally. We guarantee flexibility in the implementation of projects and technical support.


Certificate Conformity of the Factory Production Control

Welding Certificate

Certificate Inspection of Welding Process

Installation of equipment and structures.

Mechanical assembly of equipment and steel structures, in accordance with the project and the applicable technical and safety standards.

Modernization and modification of machines and devices.

Optimization of production processes through the modernization of machinery and equipment in the mechanical and electrical field.

Prefabrication of control cabinets.

Mechanical prefabrication of components, devices, prefabrication of steel structures. For the purposes of the implemented projects, prefabricated are all of the necessary components that are included in the scope of delivery.