Assembly and service of the conductor bar systems

SYNERTE is a certified conductor bar systems installer of the following companies CONDUCTIX – Wampfler.

Qualified technical personnel guarantee professional installation and service of Single FlexLine 0811 conductor bar systems.

Each task shall be prepared individually, through consultations and technical arrangements with the customer in terms of assembly.

The Single FlexLine 0811 conductor rail is used for:

  • Power supply for overhead conveyors (e.g. EHB)
  • Power supply for packaging/sorting machines
  • Power supplies for floor conveyors (e.g. SKILET)
  • Swivels

We focus on development

Our team consists of experienced specialists. Our technical facilities enable us to carry out small, large and serial projects. Cooperation in the prefabrication services with several well-known manufacturers of technological transport allows us to continuously develop and implement new technologies.

In order to make inquiries and determine the details of the valuation, please contact us.